Portapath - portable flooring systems

Are you organizing an event and need to protect a large area of grass? Agency K specializes in the rental of a mobile flooring system for large-scale public events. Our 8000 m/2 portable event floors can be installed or disassembled in a matter of hours, transforming your facility and opening up a world of possibilities. It is UV permeable, water-permeable and fire tested. It protects stadium grass in soccer fields, parks, golf courses, gardens; it can be used in staging, concerts, churches, clubs and all other entertainment venues. Temperature range of usage extends from – 10 to + 45 ˚C and it can support the loading of vehicles weighing up to 2000 kg.

The Portable flooring system is a unique solution in the European market; it is designed to protect grass fields from damage, usually caused by large volumes of people while hosting a variety of events on the surface. Portapath allows water and air to flow through, keeping grass healthy under several days of coverage and leaves an event area undamaged and preserved.

We can offer either complete solutions, i.e. from the project idea of the event to its realization, or, furthermore in cooperation at a particular component part of the organization: e.g. stage building, scenery design, filming of the event, sound system, light system, video technology and event promotion.

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