Sound and Lights


For achieving the best possible results as a sound rental company and provider, we are using high-end technologies from companies such as Meyer Sound for sound systems, processing and measurement technologies, Midas consoles known as the most excellent analogue audio boards, Yamaha Digital consoles.

Small shows, concerts and corporate events sound systems are exclusively built around Meyer Sound UPJ and UPJunior, UPA and CQ self-powered speakers, medium performances rely on the M΄elodie line array technologies, bigger concerts in venues and open air shows get the air vibrations with the more and more popular Meyer Sound Milo curvilinear array speaker systems. And all of them are supported by Meyer Sound 700-HP dual 18¨ subwoofers at the lowest octaves. Monitor system is built around Meyer Sound MJF, UM, USM and CQ speakers. Midas Heritage series and Yamaha PM PD-RH consoles serve as a perfect control for our sound systems, with the help SIM-3 Sound system measurements and SIM engineers.

Lights systems:

Robe, High End and Martin 575, 700 and 1200 range spot and wash moving light units, Avolites and Whole Hog series consoles.